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We are GMS and we want to make
sustainable mobility accessible to

...by organising vehicle fleet efficiently and make the right vehicle available at the right time for the right trip and the right profile

Mobility has become tremendously complicated to define and manage

On the one hand, mobility and traditional company cars must change, motivated by the Government’s tax and legal agenda, Low Emission Zone (LEZ) deployment and the need for sustainability. On the other hand, the needs of your employees for more flexibility must be satisfied while the fiscal and financial constraints must be complied with.

It makes the mobility decisions to achieving the goals of your company incredibly complex

We are at your side to assist you in
redefining your company mobility

We have the knowledge, experience and technology to assist you in (re)defining your company’s mobility.

Aside other new mobility solutions, we believe that cars remain key assets in a company mobility equation. Therefore, we support you in optimising the car usage and the management of the fleet alongside other mobility options. We also assist you to progressively get ready for the Electric Vehicles.

Our Enterprise Solutions


We calculate the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and the Environmental Impacts of fleets and how it evolves in the future.

In addition, we give you fiscal and para-fiscal advice benefiting both employees and the company. We give you access to a software platform to compute TCOs of new ordering vehicles.

End to End Mobility Redefinition

We can help your company completely revamp your mobility offering by (re)defining, implementing and managing new mobility offerings, including the electrification of your fleet and flexibility.

Our team will work with you to create tailored mobility packages that align with your goals, your employee's needs, and government regulations.

We draft your new policy and then take care of the implementation. We reinforce your HR or mobility team by managing the new mobility daily.

The Airbnb of car leasing

We match your requests for short-term car leasing (pre-runners, holidays car...) with the supply of other companies' fleet and partners.

Together, we reduce the leasing cost of your unallocated cars by putting them at the disposal of other companies. This also allows you to gain access to specific cars when you have a shortage in your fleet.

We are a team of mixed profiles who share
the passion to solve the mobility issues

Charly Raisiere

~ 8-year career in Strategy & Digital Consulting in automotive, mobility and financial services.

Frédéric Souchon

~ 20-year career in Consulting in automotive and mobility, with an expert focus on fiscal schemes for mobility

Malian De Ron

~ 6-year career in Data Strategy, Data Architecture and Artificial Intelligence across industries

Philippe Everaert

~ 25-year career in Fleet and Mobility Management, notably for different mid-size and large companies

Maarten Lepla

~ 12-year career in Strategy Consulting in financial services, leasing and automotive

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